Mr. Brainwash Strips Down His Love For Art Basel


Mr. Brainwash made waves at the Boulan during Miami’s Art Basel 2012.

In the largest show since his 2012 London Olympics showcase, the “Mr. Brainwash Strips Down for Art Basel Miami” exhibit put the artist’s most innovative work on display. Remixing conventional notions of recognized characters like Mickey Mouse and President Obama, Brainwash’s whimsical mixed-media street art satisfied the art enthusiasts in attendance who sipped on Don Julio-laced libations and two-stepped in approval.

“Basel is a must. It’s not about just the art; it’s a lifestyle to be here in this moment,” Mr. Brainwash says about the annual South Beach art show. “It’s about the nightlife, the art world, the people you meet – it’s something that you should be here at that time.”

Check out Brainwash’s special collection below.

Photo Credit: Arts Observer