7 Must-See Shows to Watch in January 2013


For the TV junkies, the dreaded “winter hiatus” is among us. But don’t fret, January brings loads of drama filled series. Check out our cheat sheet of this season’s must watch TV.

1. The Big Bang Theory

Whether you’re a science nerd, or in need of a sarcastic fix, this sitcom is for you. The show’s premise revolves around a group of socially awkward physics professors in California navigating through life with their hot next door neighbor, Penny. The hot and cold relationship between Penny and Leonard, Howard’s outrageous outfit choices, and the quotable “Bazinga” of Sheldon are sure to keep us  entertained. The series took a while to catch fire, but it’s now syndicated on TBS, FOX and CBS.

The show returns to CBS January 3.