Did Ndamukong Suh Celebrate Colts Injury by Taunting?


Detroit Lions defensive Ndamkong Suh hasn’t been known to play nice on the field.

After reportedly kicking Texans quarterback Matt Schaub and stomping on Green Bay Packers guard Evan Dietrich-Smith, it now seems that Indiana Colts player Matt Ryan is being added to his hit list. Suh allegedly “laid out Colts right tackle Winston Justice” with a block on Don Carey’s fourth-quarter interception return right before laughing and dancing as his teammates stood over an injured Justice on the field, the Indianapolis Star reports.

While the moment wasn’t captured on instant replay, one unidentified Colt player was seen signaling for medical attention to the sideline. “We’re all battling out there,” said Colts right guard Mike McGlynn. “I don’t know if the hit was legal or not. But clearly he was hurt, and they’re out there dancing and pointing at him and laughing. Just blatant disrespect. They’re good players but there’s no room for that. It’s disgusting, really.

“If that had happened to one of their players, we’d never do something like that. But that’s what makes this even sweeter. That’s why they lose. I hope they never win another game.”

While Suh denies taunting Ryan, he is notorious for his bad guy tactics; he has been fined five times in his three-year career and suspended once for his stomp on Dietrich-Smith.