New Free Music: “Ram Records Drum & Bass Annual 2012″


Hot from the Ram Records labs is their annual compilation album featuring the top acts of their 20th year in the industry. Included in Ram Records Drum & Bass Annual 2012 are label staples such as Culture Shock, Wilkinson, DC Breaks and Hamilton lined up alongside Ram’s album artists Calyx & TeeBee and Loadstar, showcasing a diversity of drum n’ bass packed with all the energy you’d expect and more. Ram also pays due to a set of more recent signings – Frankee, LoKo and Wickaman, Hoodlum & Mavrik – who weigh in with their contributions released on Ram’s baby sister label, Program.

As bonus, the package includes a brand new and exclusive track from Cyantific and a blistering DJ mix from Ram’s rising stars Mind Vortex. If you’re looking to gift a compilation of the very best bass anthem for a jump up party that 2012 has to offer this holiday season, then you’ve found your mix – plus, it’s free!

Download the mix here.

1. Calyx & TeeBee – Pure Gold ft. Kemo
2. Wilkinson – Need To Know ft. Iman
3. Culture Shock – I Remember
4. Calyx & TeeBee – Elevate This Sound
5. Cyantific – Infinity Plus 1
6. Loadstar – Passenger
7. Culture Shock – Troglodyte
8. Wickaman, Hoodlum & Mavrik – One Scratch
9. Mind Vortex – Now It’s Time
10. Loadstar – Bomber
11. Rene LaVice – All My Trials ft. Ivy Mairi
12. Hamilton – Deep In My Heart
13. DC Breaks – Move Closer ft. Belle Humble
14. Wilkinson – Automatic
15. Delta Heavy – End Of Days
16. Chroma – So Alone
17. Rene LaVice – Absolute Monster
18. Delta Heavy – Turbine
19. Frankee – Pandorum
20. Mind Vortex – Hotbox
21. Kove – Iodine
22. DC Breaks – Firez
23. LoKo – Bassline Secret
24. Hamilton – Rich Kids
25. June Miller – 64 Thousand Dollar Habit ft. The Secret Handshake Club
+ Bonus DJ Mix by Mind Vortex