New Mixtape: Skotch Davis “The Skotch Davis EP. I”


From the heart of an artist that just wants to be heard and show the world the talent they have…here is Skotch Davis. The New York native checks in with a live mash, hard drum driven project in The Skotch Davis EP. I. Here is what S.D. has to say about his movement:

“I could lie and say that I set out to do something great when I began recording for this project. That I was aiming to break records with downloads & views on the videos I released for it. That I wanted the admiration of every blogger, tastemaker & opinion leader. That I had it all figured out, how to make a huge mark in the game and make riches beyond my imagination. But that would be the furthest thing from the truth. This project was truly a creation of my travels. My trials, tribulations, errors and what I found to truly be success. The up’s & downs of being human while discovering that we are also simply but extraordinary beings. This was an opportunity for me to display my talent on terms & a state of mentality absolved of worry or concern for what isn’t, rather, allowing that to lead me to appreciate what is. Far from pejorative & ultimately built with love & the want to empower, I present to you my latest musical offering. The Skotch Davis EP. I.”