New Video: Rain “Welcome To My World”


Fayetteville, NC is becoming the hot spot for lyrical talent as they have a repper that’s rapping with realness by the name of RAIN. SMACK/URL is going in the direction of showcasing new acts that don’t focus on battling, but making good hip-hop that can effect the masses. J. Cole has the crown in Fayettenam, now RAIN is ready to be know as well. Check him out @Rain910

SMACK says:
“SMACK/ URL is ever expanding and as we continue to grow we will feature music videos, freestyles, blogs etc. from rising stars who feel are the next to explode on the music scene. One artist we strongly believe will be a force within the music industry is Fayetteville, NC’s RAIN. The Carolina spitter has worked with platinum producers such as Dr. Dre, Nottz, Jake One, Bink Dog, Buc Wild.”


Rain’s Summer Madness 2 Cypher

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