New Videos: Lloyd, King L, Fat Trel, And More


New music videos for your viewing pleasure

1. Lloyd – “The Question”

Usually the most fun videos are the ones that involve the fans. This one proves that.

2. King L – “Pack So Loud”

Shoutout to those Michael Jackson & Aaliyah posters in the background. R.I.P…

3. Fat Trel – “Nikki Sweets”

That’s a whole lot of….um, tattoos on her arm.

4. Verse Simmonds (feat. Red Cafe & Gucci Mane) – “Shake Dat”

This is definitely NSFW, unless you work in a strip club.

5. Sabi – “Champagne”

This is a girl who knows how to have fun. We respect it.

6. Khleo Thomas & Chris Batson – “Delay”

Hey, isn’t that the kid from Holes? Either way, pretty deep video.