NFL 2012 WEEK 15 Picks: Giving Up Games to Get a Better Spot In the Draft


There are three weeks left in the NFL season. Christmas is eleven days away which means we’re in the thick of the season of giving. Teams that have been bad this year are giving up games to get better a position in the upcoming draft, giving up because they don’t give a damn and giving up because it’s cold outside.

Teams that have been good this year are mashing for their dreams, giving it their all to make it into the playoffs. We over here at VIBE are doing what we usually do on weekends — giving you our weekly NFL Picks. Check them out.

New York Giants vs. Atlanta Falcons

It’s time to see what you’re mad of Atlanta. Do you really want it? You smelled like a dirty bird against the Panthers last week on the field. You know what Falcons, you guys are like the girl that wears way too much damn makeup. You’ve got flaws and everyone knows it no matter how good you “think” you look. You’re 11-2 record looks great, but you just got destroyed by the Panthers and have had more chances than Chris Brown this season, but you have managed to take advantage of them.

It’s December. The G-Men don’t play when it comes to the playoff push. Did you see what they did to Green Bay last week? The Falcons’ weakness is their offensive line and the Giants strength is their defensive line. It’s going to be a long day for the Dirty Birds. Giants win, 24 – 14.

Denver Broncos vs. Baltimore Ravens

The Broncos have been playing scrimmages the past eight weeks and winning all eight of those games. This game was supposed to be their toughest test, but the Ravens have been losing players, feathers and all sense of hope lately.

The Ravens let Charlie Batch beat them last week. A third string, clipboard holding, 38-year-old quarterback beat the Ravens man. Terrell Suggs most likely won’t play, but even if he does, he’s not going to be Terrell Suggs, he’ll be closer to Terrell Sucks. If he plays through his injury, he’ll be a warrior indeed, but certainly a wounded one that the Broncos will have their way with.

Don’t forget, the Ravens fired their offensive coordinator this week. Yeah, that’s never a good thing. The Broncos have the most detailed and methodical quarterback in the game, Peyton Manning, and he’s rubbing off on the entire team. The Ravens are in flux and confused and playing Denver will not help. Broncos winning streak continues, 34 – 27.

San Francisco 49ers vs. New England Patriots

This is going to be the best game of the weekend, hands down. One of the leagues best offenses going up against one of the league’s best defenses. The Patriots have found a running game, which has taken the burden off of Tom Brady. Have you seen the 49ers linebackers? Best linebacking corps in the league and it’s not up for debate bruh. So, bye bye Patriots running game.

It’s up to Tom Brady to lead the, which should be easy with the 49ers secondary. Their safeties are known more for their hitting than coverage so you better not give them your credit card because they’ll buy anything like play action fakes going for 65 yard touchdown bombs.

The 49ers will be able to run the ball, so the Patriots will keep eight men in the box and give Colin Kaepernick a test. Young Kap bombed when the defense-minded head coach of the St. Louis Rams, Jeff Fisher, gave him fits for two games, one of which resulted in a loss and the other in a tie. What do you think Patriots, head man, Bill Belichick is going to do? It’s going to be a better game than the Texans vs. Patriots, but the Pats win even on a short week, 24 – 20.

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