Oldest Living Identical Twins Turn 103


103 years later, it’s still the good life for twins Charlotte Eisgrou and Ann Primack.

The sisters recently celebrated their born day in Florida, and are still at the best of health despite the number of candles on their cake. “I feel wonderful. I have all my faculties,” Eisgrou told the Daytona Beach News-Journal.

Though not together for birthday celebration, they still remain the best of pals since being born in Chi-town and wrapped up in blankets, placed on top of the stove in 1909 pre-incubators, the Daily Mail reports.

Still, they find their age a shocker. “I can’t believe it, that I’ve reached that age. The good thing is our minds are sharp. That’s the only good thing,” Primack told ABC News.

Amazingly, the two golden girls continue to live almost independently. Eisgrou started driving at 78 and didn’t stop till four years ago while Primack survived ovarian cancer years ago.

They also have their sense of humor intact, recalling how they would often swap husbands upon visits to one another. “I used to visit Daytona and we’d switch husbands and walk in the temple,” Primack said, “And they’d say to me, ‘Charlotte, you look so good.'”

“Nobody ever knew the difference. And by the time they found out, they were hysterical,” Eisgrou told ABC. “We had so much fun.”

Via: Huffington Post