Pardon the Introduction: DKS


Out today on Firepower Records is the latest EP from dubstep demon on the rise, DKS. Born Max Clarke, the 19-year-old prodigy brings his unique sound and flavor to audiences across the globe with “Can’t Get Enough,” grabbing the attention of fellow DJs and colleagues including Firepower Records founder Datsik.

Young artists who drop sick beats before they can drop shots is not an uncommon thing in this genre, and DKS is definitely no exception. During his EP, he builds you up with a seamless flow of musical moments and closes with the heavy-hitter “Monsta.” The track’s dynamic foray is cleverly calculated and the crescendo will knock you senseless. The thrilling female sample and frenzied synths rip each other apart in a brilliantly cultivated manner unlike anything we’ve heard before.

We’re sure this won’t be the last we see or here of young DKS, with a lot more festival appearances and remix drops expected for next year.