Plane Crashes Into Highway in Russia (VIDEO)


A plane crash in Russia was captured on video when the commercial airliner overshot the runway and crashed into an adjacent highway in Moscow on Saturday, Dec. 29. A car traveling down the highway with a dashboard camera, installed for insurance fraud purposes, captured the plane crash. Debris can be seen slamming into the car ahead with such inertia that it causes the vehicle to be thrusted into the road barrier. Further footage of civilians pulling people from the plane, split in three after the wreck, was also captured.

The Red Wings Airlines passenger aircraft, a Tupolev Tu-204 jet similar to a Boeing 757 or Airbus A321, was carrying twelve people onboard. Four people — the pilot, co-pilot, flight engineer and a flight attendant — died in the crash. Another flight attendant died at the hospital, bringing the body count to five. No other passnegers were on the flight traveling from the Czech Republic. One photo showed a crew member strapped to their seat lying on the pavement after being hurled during impact.

Investigators are examining the plane’s black box for answers. “After landing the pilot uses all the available brake systems on the plane, but for some reason the machine did not stop,” a member of the investigation team said Sunday. “Most likely it was faulty reverse engines or brakes.”

According to the International Air Transport Association, Russia’s aviation accident record is almost three times the world average, giving it and some of its former Soviet republics the worst air-traffic safety record in world.

WARNING! Some of the footage below depicts bloody people being pulled from the wreckage. Please view at your own discretion.