“Playa del VIBE” BPM Festival 2013 Exclusive: Dubfire


Escape the winter chill this January and start making plans to be straight chillin’ at The BPM Festival 2013. “Playa del VIBE,” is a your weekly countdown source where you’ll find insider 411 from this year’s elite offering of electronic scions leading up to the storied Mexican music-a-thon.

Break out the Cervezas, enjoy the break, wait for for the breakdowns, dance to the breakbeats… going down January 4, 2013 – January 13th, 2013 in Playa del Carmen.

This Week on the Decks: Dubfire

P.S. Last year Dubfire & Richie Hawtin did a special surprise b2b set at Kool Beach Club – you never know what’s going to happen at BPM. Lots of surprises in store!!!

VIBE: What can we expect from your performance at BPM Fest?

Dubfire: Throughout the summer and especially recently, I’ve been fortunate enough to have discovered and signed some incredible music by a variety of new and established artists from around the world so my set will be sprinkled with many forthcoming releases on my SCI+TEC imprint. Our release schedule is full till the end of 2013 so their won’t be a shortage of unreleased music on this special night!

Which act are you most looking forward to catching if you have time? Why?
I try to check as many of my friends and colleagues as I can but this year, I’m going to make a special effort to see Sven, Luciano and Kenny & Louie (Masters at Work) as they are BPM first-timers.

BPM Festival means: (INSERT THREE WORDS)!

Best reason you can think of for going to the BPM Festival 2013?
Besides the music, the fans and seeing all my friends again? The Mexican food and time off!

Tips to surviving all the parties for BPM Festival first-timers?
PACE YOURSELF! There are A LOT of daytime and nighttime events, as well as lot’s of after parties sprinkled in between. So eat healthy, make sure to get enough sleep, drink and party in moderation and make sure to pick your “battles”!

Latest or upcoming release we should pay attention to?
I did what started out as a simple re-edit which turned into a rework of a song called “Plex” by Harvard Bass which, along with a new mix CD I’ve done called ‘A Transmission’, will be out on Christmas eve.


DUBFIRE @ THE BPM FESTIVAL (flyer below) -
January 8th Night
SCI+TEC Label showcase with Dubfire, Carlo Lio, Shaded (live) The Junkies @ Blue Parrot Night Club