Real or Fake? How To Select and Enjoy Your Xmas Tree


Artificial Trees

Are you tired of decorating and want a pre-lit tree with ornaments, and fiber optics already in place? Are you tired of cleaning pine needles months after the holidays? Maybe a fake tree is best for you.

How to Select an Artificial Tree:
1. If you are looking for the most realistic looking tree, purchase one with PE needles (rather than PVC), a center pole, and individual stick branch attachments.
2. For quality, look at the branch ends. Well-crafted trees use heavier gauge metal and have sculpted (not snipped-off) ends.
3. If you’re looking for a tree that’s easy to assemble, choose one with PE needles, a center pole, hinged branch attachments and pre-strung lights.

Tip: Store the tree in a carrying case, not the cardboard box it comes in. Cardboard boxes can get damp and disintegrate,  eventually causing the tree to become dusty.


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