Relive The Film Noir Era With “No Prisoners, No hostages”


In a homage to classic french Noir films, Riots & Roses, Kidz ‘R EViL & MASS Panik breathe new life into the storied art form.

Titled “No Prisoners, No Hostages,” the new short film takes the dark visual narrative of Noir classics and gives it a modern twist to shed light on the lifestyle, and the statement Riots & Roses is making. It’s pure, it’s raw, and it holds no punches. It’s an aesthetically pleasing visual piece that reopens an element of street wear culture that was lost throughout years of saturation. Although strong and bold, the message is clear: Don’t Fuck With The Riots.

See the visuals below, & take a look at some of the artsy stills in the gallery above

“No prisoners, No witnesses” from Kidz 'R EVil on Vimeo.