RHOA Recap (Ep. 6): Kim Zolciak Leaves, Kenya Moore Gets Grabby

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Last night, The Real Housewives of Atlanta said goodbye to Kim and hello to Kenya the scuzz. “I’ve just had it…These bitches are not my friend,” said Kim after she stormed off the set. “I think it’s all about her and her family. I don’t see her hanging out with us a lot,” said Kandi. Pour out some liquor for Kim. We’ll miss your wigs and white wine antics.

The remainder of the women jetted away to Anguilla on their couples vacation. The couples: Cynthia and Peter, Kandi and Todd, Phaedra and Apollo, Porsha and NFL hubby Kordell, reunited lovebirds Nene and Greg, Kenya and Walter. Porsha and Kordell are less than thrilled to hang with their new friends but Peter is beyond groupied-out over Kordell. “I’m going to be around a real superstar football player. Kordell is the man!” he grins. Kenya, on the other hand, acts like she doesn’t see Porsha and walks right by her. Ouch.

Kenya takes the wheel when the crew get to the island. Her crazy driving throws Cynthia’s dress up and gives everyone an eyeful. The beaches of Anguilla are gorgeous … the perfect place to rekindle romances or in Kenya’s case, the perfect place to try to trap her man into proposing to her. She tries to float the idea to no avail. What do you do when your longtime man won’t propose to you? “Why, flirt with everyone else’s man, of course! Kenya first pushes fine-ass Apollo into the pool and the two get into some fun horseplay. “Everyone knows it’s inappropriate to touch anybody’s man,” says Phaedra, clearly not happy. “I don’t like stuff like that.” Kenya could care less, saying, “There’s no shame in my game.” The next day, Phaedra retaliates and makes sure Apollo’s eyes do not stray, by wearing the most revealing bathing suit her ample derriere could fit into.

Even dental floss posing as a swimsuit won’t stop Kenya. She gets super frisky around the other men, even rubbing her butt onto Peter like the rent’s due. Poor Walter just watches silently from the sidelines. Kenya flirts with the hotel’s General Manager and then tops herself when she boldly goes up to Phaedra and asks “If you had to give Apollo a birthday present and it involved two of your friends, name two.” Phaedra’s scrunched up “Bitch I’ll keel you face” says it all. “You can dance, you can model your shoes, you can show him your cervix. But please don’t put your paws on Apollo,” Phaedra says in the confessional. She ain’t playing. –Sowmya Krishnamurthy