RHOA Recap: Kenya and Porsha Throwdown in Anguilla

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Love and drama were in the air last night on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Couples were lovey dovey with each other on Anguilla and even Kenya started on her good behavior by keeping her paws off everyone else’s man. Not one to ever take anything at face value, Nene begins interrogating Kenya on her relationship with Walter and where it’s going. “Do you think Walter’s serious? I don’t see it!” she asks. Nene then asks Kenya if she’s faithful to which the former Miss USA claims that she’s always faithful (Clearly, flirting with the entire island of Anguilla falls under that).

One relationship that seems stronger than ever is Cynthia’s marriage to Peter. Taking advantage of the gorgeous, romantic setting, Peter planned a surprise vow renewal. The intimate ceremony was exactly what Peter wanted; a wedding without Cynthia’s sister and mother hating in the wing. It was a beautiful scene and very emotional. Kenya, of course, uses the opportunity to wish that it was her ceremony but what’s new?

The episode kicks into overdrive once the women return from Cynthia’s vow renewal. Porsha begins to recount the first time she met Kenya and how she was rubbed the wrong way by Kenya’s diva antics. Initially, Kenya tries to let it go but Porsha keeps pressing the issue. “She’s a non-factor to me,” says Porsha. Finally, Kenya goes over the edge and erupts into a blabbering maniac. She yells at Porsha for living off her husband and grandfather’s reputations and tells her to become relevant. “I don’t want to be in your circle, honey. Please!” says Kenya. Porsha taunts Kenya for her age and cites that she’s a tramp who’s trying to revamp her career. Porsha snaps that Kenya is just “a hood rat” from Detroit. “Yes, bitch! I’m 40 and fabulous like I just stepped off the stage yesterday!” yells Kenya. 40? Really?

Wine plus cattiness soon leads to finger pointing and the two almost start physically fighting. Luckily, Nene plays bodyguard and no one gets hurt. It’s clear nothing is going to be resolved between the two that night. In the end, Kenya does a dramatic twirl and sashays away. Round 2 next week. –Sowmya Krishnamurthy