Robert Griffin III Slapped With $10,000 Fine For Rocking Adidas


The NFL doesn’t play with exclusivity in endorsement deals.

Redskins star Robert Griffin III was fined $10,000 for wearing “unauthorized apparel” after being spotted in an Adidas sweatshirt during a post-game interview, the NY Daily News reports.

Though Griffin was MIA during the Redskins vs. Baltimore Ravens game, he may not have anticipated speaking to press and usually wear suits to media conferences. says that Griffin cut a deal with Adidas.

It wouldn’t be the first time the football player has gotten in trouble for donning non-Nike apparel. He was hit off with a warning after blacking out a Nike check from one of his shirts earlier this year that read “heart”.

This time, the league dealt him the hefty fine after Nike reportedly cashed out $1 billion for exclusive rights to all NFL gear. While the quarterback’s jersey sales have skyrocketed this year, surpassing Brett Favre’s, the rookie will have to pay up.

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Photo Credit: Robert Hingle/ US Presswire