Rules For Navigating Social Media While In a Relationship (CC: Rob Kardashian)


Another day, another man scorned on Twitter. Rob Kardashian managed to make Rita Ora a trending topic after accusing her of cheating on him with 20 different men. In just a matter of minutes, she went from RocNation’s pretty princess to suspected swindler, exposed to the harsh comments of Twitter addicts everywhere. Whether the accusations are true or not, we can’t help but sympathize with Rita. No one deserves to have their personal business aired out by someone else—especially by an ex-boyfriend.  Boo’d up vixens should tread lightly when it comes to social media. If you don’t, you could be the subject of unwanted attention. - Nicole Brown

The course to cyberspace harmony never runs smooth, but these rules could help:

1.  Stay Connected
Those in a serious relationship should definitely be Facebook friends and Twitter/Instagram followers of each other. If he has a problem with any of the above, consider it a HUGE red flag.

2.  Keep The Likes To A Minimum
It’s wonderful that you think your boyfriend is the best thing since sliced apple pie; however, that should’ve be announced every day. If you retweet and/or comment on every single social media move he makes, you look desperate and bored. Commentators will also mistake you for a stalker: no bueno.