Rules For Navigating Social Media While In a Relationship (CC: Rob Kardashian)


3. Keep Your Spats Private
While it is sometimes hilarious to watch couples air out their dirty laundry on our timelines, the fact is neither of you knows how to resolve anything in an adult way. You’re just a tweet or status away from an embarrassing break-up.

4. Check It Before You Change It
Every girl loves the moment they can change their relationship status from “single” to “In a relationship with _____.” And every girl hates the moment their request is denied.  1.)  Don’t change your online status unless you’re sure this is the real deal and 2.) Make sure your man is on board with the idea. Don’t be stupid.

5. Let The Past Stay In The Past
Yes, we get it. Not everygirl hates their ex-boyfriend. Sometimes you stay connected as friends. But, please: make your new significant other aware of this and alert your ex that there will be no reunion with you.

6. Remember Everything’s Permanent
That picture of you backing it up on a handsome stranger during a girl’s night out will live in cyberspace forever. Sure, you meant no harm, but your man may think otherwise when he sees it. Be aware of the things you say and post—those bad choices will always come back to haunt you.