Rules For Navigating Social Media While In a Relationship (CC: Rob Kardashian)


7. Don’t Get Mad If He Doesn’t See Your Tweet or Comment
So you’re one of those girls that likes to tweet sweet nothings to your love throughout the day? Please don’t get mad when he doesn’t respond right away (or at all). He had a life before you and will continue to have one now. Assume he hasn’t seen it instead of jumping to conclusions.

8. Don’t Get Addicted
If you spend your entire day on the computer, you will become obsessed with your boyfriend’s online activities. This also leads to stalker behavior (refer back to rule #2)

9. Don’t Accept Your Ex’s Friend Request Unless…
you both agree that their is no interest in a romantic relationship and your current beau is OK with it. You’ve opened up a whole other can of worms if you feel otherwise.

10. Don’t Flirt
This is common knowledge. The only man you should be flirting with is your own. If you want to bat your eyelashes at someone new: stay single.