Ryan Leslie Laptop Debate: “Rap Weasel” Gets Emotional Over Jury’s $1 Million Verdict


Ryan Leslie needs a hug. This week has been a tough one for VIBE’s 2012 Unsung Hero. On Wednesday a jury in New York City ruled that Leslie must pay a German man the $1 million reward promised for returning his stolen laptop despite the fact that the computer’s hard drive had been wiped of all its music. (Leslie infamously pleaded in a 2010 YouTube video that his laptop, stolen from his car parked outside a German nightclub, be returned in exhange for the large sum.) Things only got worse when the day after the verdict was made, the New York Post put R. Les on the cover with the headline: “Rap Weasel must pay $1 million for lost laptop.” Leslie, who dropped his latest album Les Is More in October, took to the mike at the Long Island University Homecoming on Friday night to vent his frustrations over the whole ordeal. During his performance Leslie got all choked up and appears to be holding back tears when talking about the music that he lost, not so much the hefty chunk of change he’ll be parting with. You really can’t help but feel bad for the guy, no matter what side of the debate you are on. “And despite what the jury said, that million dollar reward is still out there for anybody who can return all my compositions to me,” Leslie told the crowd before adding that he was “gonna try to work something out with my man over in Germany.” He also burned a copy of the New York Post with his image on it. Watch Ryan Leslie’s emotional speech below. (We’re hugging you Mr. Leslie. Tighter. Tighter. That’s good.)