Scarface Actor Arrested


“Scarface” actor Steven Bauer was arrested early Tuesday morning in Miami, for driving with a suspended license. Bauer, best known for his role as Tony Montana’s best friend Manny in Scarface, was booked into jail after making an improper left turn. Officers found that he had a 12-year-old open warrant, and arrested him thereafter.

The Scarface actor was arrested in Sweetwater, FL, not far from the film’s Miami setting. Bauer has acted steadily since then, and appeared as a voice in the Scarface video game in 2006.

Bauer is not the only result for “Scarface actor arrested” – Al Pacino, who played the titular character in the 1983 film, was arrested in the early 1960s for, of course, possession of a weapon. Pacino spent a few days in jail in Rhode Island, and was released.