Caroline Wozniacki Imitates Serena Williams: Racist?


Her skill with a racket and solid physique are enough reason for many to aspire to be Serena Williams, but this may be another form of flattery.

During an exhibition match over the weekend, one of Serena’s buddies Caroline Wozniacki decided to poke fun at the tennis queen. After playing a match in Sao Paolo against Maria Sharapova, Wozniacki stuffed her fun parts with padding and played a point, mocking Williams, Yahoo! News reports.

However, critics haven’t taken too lightly to the court jester act; some consider the act racist. But Caroline isn’t the first to pull a Serena simulation. Tennis star Andy Roddick has been known to do hilarious impressions, including one of the elder Williams sister.

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Photo Credit: Eurosport