Sesame Street Teaches Kids About Divorce


Kids who now watch Sesame Street are learning more about divorce besides the fact that it starts with ‘D.’

It will be airing a 13-minute segment dealing with the touchy subject online Wednesday (Dec. 12) by Sesame Workshop, the non-profit that operates Sesame Street, according to the Daily Mail. This gives parents the options of showing the footage to their kids.

A scene on the issue was originally written for the kid’s show in 1992 but was a disaster when tested on an audience of pre-schoolers who became upset. Writers then decided to revisit the issue this year, conjuring up a scene where a fair called Abby Cadabby has parents who have been separated and has two homes.

“Writing about divorce is not easy,” says Sesame Street writer Christine Ferraro in the Tumblr Storyboard video below. “My approach was from the point of view of Abby whose parents have gone through a divorce in the past, so that it is not a new, raw emotion.”

An online kit for parents and kids is also being rolled out.

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