Shahs of Sunset Episode 2 Recap: Therapy, Nose Wars and is Reza Cheating on his Man?

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Last night, our favorite crew in Tehrangeles dealt with personal issues and the fall-out from Asa’s dinner on The Shahs of Sunset.

MJ hit therapy to talk about her deep-rooted issues stemming from her parents’ divorce and how they continue to affect her to this day. Reza, not one to take the traditional route, went to a Persian fortune teller of sorts who read his tarot cards and did a “tea reading” during which she accused him of infidelity in his relationship. Homegirl must have hit a nerve because Reza’s eyes bugged out like saucers. Could he be cheating already on his dorky nerd boyfriend Adam. We predict: YES. Asa had her own issues with her parents who are less supportive, compared to Season 1, of her fledgling singing career. When asked about if she will go back to school and get a PhD, she answers that she has a PhD: She’s a “Persian Pop Priestess.” Sure boo. Whatever you say.

Elsewhere, we get introduced to Mike’s girlfriend whose claim to fame is that her father is an executive at Fiji Water (*cough* product placement) and get a sneak peek into Lilly’s Swimgerie (A combo of swimwear and lingerie) office. We’re not 100% sure what Lilly really does aside from trying to be the seventh Kardashian, but we salute the fact that she actually seems to have a job.

The episode actually takes off at the tail end when the gang (sans Lilly) get together at a pool party. G.G. brings her friend Omid, who she’s officially engaged to now. After a little bit of liquor, our girl goes OFF on Asa both for her treatment of Omid at the dinner as well as saying that he has “A big nose.” G.G. got her nose done after fighting off her own insecurities and that comment opened up some old stitches. The two get into some quasi-throwdown with G.G. talking her usual smack. The “toothpick with a wig” as Asa calls her is subdued and later physically carried away. Asa rolls her eyes at G.G. as well as MJ, who doesn’t take a side in the fight. Hmm…We predict another girl fight very soon.