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Audio From Shannen Doherty’s 911 Call to Save Suicidal Fan

Actress Shannen Doherty’s honorable 911 call to save a suicidal fan was released by TMZ.com today (Dec. 9). The Los Angeles based star made the call last month when one of her Twitter fans sent her direct messages about “killing herself if she didn’t get a call from her.” Doherty is heard on the call giving details to a 911 operator in Westhampton, New Jersey where her distressed fan was believed to be living. “This is going to sound incredibly strange cause it does to me as well,” she can be heard telling the operator. “My name is Shannon Doherty and I’m an actress and there is a girl who is threatening to shoot herself.” “I’m completely untrained to deal with somebody threatening suicide,” Doherty told the 911 operator. “It’s been an undoing thing and my security guys told me to block her, because she’s aggressive and does very erratic things…. I felt bad for her to be honest.” Listen to the call after the jump…

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