Smugglers Shoot Weed Out Cannons Towards US


The drug trade is being taken to new heights—literally.

According to Yahoo! News, U.S. border patrol officers have found 33 cans of marijuana in the desert near the border that they believe were fired from a cannon in Mexico.

Authorities were alerted of the new means of drug transaction when they received reports that strange canisters were popping up near the Colorado River in southern Arizona. The cans in question turned out to collectively contain 85 pounds of marijuana—worth $42,500 on the street.

If you think this is bizarre, Yahoo! says this is only a portion of the insane drug trafficking stories:

“We haven’t mentioned the drug-running airplanes, unmanned drones or mules who carry tends of thousands of dollars worth of drugs in the most unthinkable places of their bodies. Don’t even get us started on the burgeoning trend of narco-submarines, ramshackle vessels capable of carrying several tons worth of cocaine underwater for hundreds of miles.”

We could just imagine the more positive—and legal—ways those MacGyver skills could be applied to outside of drug smuggling.