Solange Hosts Everyday People Brunch in Honor of World AIDS Day


In honor of World AIDS Day and the release of her new EP, True, Solange Knowles joined Chef Roble and b condoms to host, “Everyday People,” a monthly brunch and party extravaganza in New York City.

The event was hosted at The DL rooftop on the lower east side with guests including celebrity eyewear designer Stevie Boi, blogger and Internet personality Kid Fury, BMW drag racer Domonic Anderson, fashion designer Richie Rich, “Single Ladies,” actress Cassie Freeman, and tastemakers in fashion, media, and music. Solange, who attended the event with her boyfriend and music video producer Alan Ferguson, danced to the tunes of DJ Moma, alongside the 300 plus invite-only crowd.

But the focus was on advocating safe sex and HIV/AIDS prevention, highlighted by new and sexy condom line, b condoms, founded by two young African-American entrepreneurs, Jason Panda and Elkhair Balla. “The event brought everyone together for World AIDS Day and highlighted the importance of getting tested,” Panda said. Boxes of b condom’s standard and platinum lines were made available to partygoers. Stevie Boi, known for designing trendy eyewear worn by Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, and Miguel tells VIBE that he is working on a special edition eyewear line, which will include a b condom built into the lens (similar to the style popularized by Lisa “Left Eye” of TLC), as a commemoration for the fight against AIDS.

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