State Trooper Fired for Using Ebonics?


Yes, you read that headline correctly. William Peake, resident of Sewickley, PA, was fired from his position as a state trooper for what he says are “false claims that he didn’t properly write reports, and sometimes used Ebonics in doing so,” according to a federal lawsuit. Filed on Tuesday (Dec. 4), the 29-year-old was mandated to sign a termination letter stating that his reasons for being fired were due to a “lack of solid job knowledge and basic police skills,” the AP reports.

However, Peake contests this claim as printed in his lawsuit that his termination garners “no substantial basis in fact, and are not worthy of belief.” His lawsuit is against the state of Pennsylvania along with the state police. His attorney James Logan said, “For him to be terminated from a job like this, it’s embarrassing to him.” The lawsuit contends that Peake was “judged by different and more harsh standards than other probationary troopers, because of his race.”

In terms of racial makeup, Peake is 1 of 4 black officers in his police academy class of 75 people. He hopes to be reinstated shortly.

Can you believe it?