‘Ted’ & ‘Men in Black 3′ Reviewed By Rapping Critics

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During the holiday season, while you’re battling your nasty Christmas leftovers food coma or New Year’s Eve hangover, there will some tough decisions to be made, like which movie to watch from your bed or couch on OnDemand. Rapping critics Sam and Brandon got you covered so you won’t have to channel your already hurtin’ noggin with anymore intense brain activity.

“Some people rap, some do reviews, we do both at the same time,” says the duo, who has been uploading their creative reviews to YouTube on everything from video games to music since September. If it’s good, it gets a high-5. If it’s bad, it leaves ‘em hanging. Check out their rap reviews of Men in Black 3 and Ted, two 2012 flicks that recently made their way to DVD or a premium cable box near you.

Ted – Rap Review

Men in Black 3 — Rap Review

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