The Business of Beyonce Knowles-Carter



Fashion and Beauty

Imagine you’re at the mall. Run into the drugstore and you’ll spot the blond bombshell on an L’Oreal advertisment, for which she’s been a cosmetic spokesperson since 2004. While perusing the racks at fashion retailers, cop a House of Deréon piece from Beyoncé’s and mother Tina Knowles’ family clothing line. Take a break at the food court and you may catch a Pepsi commercial of Ms. Fierce taking a refreshing cold one back with much attitude. And of course, B has a Macy’s counter-top full of them with the choice of any of her signature fragrances “Fever,” “Heat Rush,” “Midnight Heat” and “Pulse.”

That’s just a regular shopping day.

Her latest Instagram has been littered with fashion’s top threads and style cues we don’t mind taking a note from. And if you’re looking to learn some beauty tricks and make it your occupation, Bey’s got you covered.

In 2010, Beyoncé and her mother founded Beyoncé Cosmetology Center of Brooklyn Phoenix House. The center provides a 7-month training program for adult students interested in pursuing a cosmetology career.

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