T.I. Claims His Crown: “Before Me, The Term ‘King Of The South’ Didn’t Exist”


T.I. is a couple of weeks away from bringing us his eighth studio album, Trouble Man, and the promo trail continues.

Speaking with Ashley Outrageous!, Tip spoke on the changes in his career from 12 years ago to now, details regarding the artwork and expectations of the new album, and if he still feels he’s the “King Of The South.”

Here’s his answer below:

“To be honest, before me the tern ‘King Of The South’ didn’t exist. Just like when you think of freedom for black people, you think of Abraham Lincoln. Although there will be another King of the South one day—I’m about my wits to know that. However, that will happen when I say so.”—T.I.

See Ashley Outrageous’s full chat with T.I. below: