Tiffney Calls It Quits on “Marrying The Game”

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After a season of immaturity and not taking their relationship seriously, Tiffney called it quits on last night’s Marrying The Game. What? A wedding reality show without a wedding? Yup. It happened.

Tiff accepts The Game’s initial apology but it’s clear she’s O-V-E-R him. “I appreciate Jayceon’s apology. My problem is he apologizes for the same things repetitively… Certain things are not acceptable,” she says. Tiff then confides in her aunt and tells her that she questions The Game’s commitment to marriage, given his career and image. Her aunt applauds her for calmly looking at the situation and asking the right questions. “The strong Tiffney said ‘Is this something you want to commit to?'” Wow. We gotta applaud homegirl for really being introspective here. Most girls would run down the aisle to be with The Game.

The couple goes to counseling to try to iron out their issues but The Game is lackadaisical about it. “I’m just killing time before I go to the studio,” says The Game flatly, when asked why he’s in therapy. The two start fighting over their communication issues and The Game’s “disrespectful things.” The rapper counters that she wanted to marry a “huge rap star” and that this all comes with the territory. “I want my husband to be 100% faithful to me,” says Tiff and asks The Game when the last time he was unfaithful. The Game has the look of guilt and claims that all of that was in the past (but clearly he had a little something on the side). Shocking. Needless to say therapy doesn’t jive well with The Game.

“He takes everything like a joke,” complains Tiffney. In the end, the two have a sit down for a final talk but The Game’s head is in finishing his new album and not love. “I can do both,” The Game claims. This is the last straw for long-suffering Tiff. “I called off my whole wedding behind this bullshit and aint nothing changing. Do you realize?” screams Tiffney. “For me what I need at this time is maybe to just step away.” Pack your bags, Tiff. Run like the wind! THIS is what hits The Game hard and he wipes away real tears in his first show of real emotion. Tiffney walks away and we’re left wondering will she ever marry The Game?