Are You Feeling VH1’s “Tiny Tonight”?


When you combine five opinionated women and give them an hour to burn, you’ll get great later night TV: VH1’s Tiny Tonight!

T.I.’s sassy wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris invaded the airwaves Monday night (Dec. 17) for her talk show debut. Her co-hosts for the night included Miami rapper Trina, reality star Tamar Braxton, socialite and model Claudia Jordan and Tiny’s outspoken hairstylist Shekinah.

The outspoken cast held no punches as they touched on all of the year’s hottest topics. Perhaps the most outrageous cast member was Tamar, who didn’t hesitate to say that she believed Beyoncé faked her pregnancy despite Tiny admitting she rubbed King B’s pregnant belly and didn’t suspect a thing.

The dynamic of the cast is an interesting one: Trina is more reserved, Tiny is cute and relatable, Claudia is poised, Shekinah is ratchet and Tamar is nothing less than blunt. It will be interesting to see how the undeniable friction between Claudia and Tamar plays out, as the two were noticeably annoyed by each other. Tamar often recited her infamous catchphrase “You tried it!” after Claudia expressed an opinion she didn’t agree with.

It may not be the traditional conservative talk show we have become accustomed to, but maybe that’s exactly what television is missing.

Click the videos below for clips on the ladies discussing Chriannache love triangle and Trina dishes on what she thinks about Mariah Carey vs Nicki Minaj.

Check out Tiny Tonight on VH1 every Monday night!