Tony Romo on Cowboys Season Ending Loss: “I Let Our Team Down”


A real man knows when he made a mistake.

However, admitting that error takes a special kind of leader. For Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, his interception against the Redskins with three minutes left in the fourth quarter on Sunday night ended his team’s season, but after the game he took all the blame.

“It just does not feel good, and I feel as though I let our team down,” Romo said. “We’ve done such a good job in those last five our 10 minutes to come back and win games. We were back in that position again, and that’s on me. And that’s a hard thing to think about.”

The Cowboys owner Jerry Jones also made statement about the Cowboys’ future.

“This is very disappointing,” Jones said. “We have players that have fought hard all year, but it did not get done. One of my jobs is to basically evaluate, analyze and make decisions in the offseason that can have us be in better shape when we’re standing here going into the playoffs.”

Do you think it was all Romo’s fault?