TRAILER: Jonathan Levine’s “Warm Bodies” Craves Your Brains

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For those who were able to catch this trailer after the mid-season finale of “The Walking Dead,” you know that this is a must-see!

Based on Isaac Marion’s novel of the same name, “Warm Bodies” stars Nicholas Hoult as R, an undead young man suffering from some serious issues. His life—or lack thereof—is just a steady procession of meandering, feasting on the soft parts of humans and eating heartbeats. That is, until he meets Julie, a girl with a shotgun who gets R’s heart a-going. While pledging to protect his shotgun-toting sweetheart, Julie’s father, played by John Malkovich, isn’t having any sort of tryst between his daughter and the zombie lover.

It’s an ingenuous take on “Romeo & Juliet,” where the Capulets are gun-toting survivalists who believe all of the undead to be evil, and the Montagues are zombies eager to eat them. With a bit of horror/action mixed with a delightful spoonful of tongue-in-cheek humor and sarcastic gutturals, “Warm Bodies” invokes memories of “Shaun of the Dead,” and is on our list of must-see zombie films. Directed by Jonathan Levine (“50/50,” “The Wackness), “Warm Bodies” is looking like a joyful, zombified ride.

You can check out the latest trailer for this zom-rom-com below!

Props: Empire