Trinidad Jame$ NYC Show: A Review From Inside The Mosh Pit (Photos)


New York City is a tough crowd to break.

For the two opening acts of Trinidad Jame$’ debut NYC show at Santos Party House, the saying couldn’t have stood anymore true. While both artists did their thing to the best of their abilities, the impatient crowd had one thing in mind: Trinidad’s current club smash “All Gold Everything.”

By the time Trinidad hit the stage, the crowd definitely needed some waking up. The eclectic—and surprisingly stylish—rapper did just that, performing fan favorites like “Females Welcomed” and the pro-drug anthem “One More Molly” off his Don’t Be S.A.F.E. mixtape.

By the time Jame$ finally got around to “All Gold Everything,” a bunch of familiar faces hit the stage: Harlem’s own A$AP Mob. If you went to our first V-Mix concert last week, then you already know that this was by far the livest part of the night.

From the mosh pit to stage-diving, the entire A$AP Mob stole the stage and turned Santos from a party house into a mad house. Jame$ was so turnt up himself, they had to run the track back twice so he could perform it on top of the bar.

A hip-hop rockstar for the new generation is definitely in the making.

If you missed the show, check out some images in the gallery above