Trinidad James Is Going To Buy His Mom Something Nice With His Def Jam Money


Trinidad James is a fun interview. The Atlanta MC is the kinda guy that will comment on your clapper … and then give you a hug.

VIBE TV caught up with James right after the news that he signed with iconic hip-hop label Def Jam hit the press. While he was hush-hush about the deal amount (rumored in the $2 million vicinity, but likely unlikely) the “All Gold Everything” rapper did confide to us the plans he had for all his new guap. While we suggested he buy himself and all-gold-everything motorcycle, because the three-wheeler (pictured above) he pulled up on at the recent Cali Christmas concert was, ya know, not as cool as an all-gold-everything Harley, James surprised us by not putting himself first. There was also some mention of new music and more on how he dreams of working with Adele, for reasons you can probably already guess.