9 Types of (New) Guys


The little world of dating has become just a bit bigger. The debatably wonderful worlds of social media and pop culture have given us a mixed bag of dudes–much more than just the normal “good” and “bad” guys.

When I ride the subway to work, I see almost any and every kind of guy–from the hipster dude, to the renaissance guy and even the Ted Mosby type (via How I Met Your Mother) but these types have showed us a new side of guys that we’ve never seen. Take a look at the top ten new types of men and figure out who will catch your fancy. –Desire Thompson

1. The Neo Non-Renaissance Man

This “mature” guy is the one who would like to think they’re wise beyond their years. It can be tricky to differentiate between a “mature” guy and a real one, but look for the signs. Does he suggest that Applebees is an upscale restaurant for a date? Next!

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