V-Exclusive: Meet YMCMB’s Stafford Brothers: “I want to get Birdman on the record!”


The net has been buzzin’ with big news of Cash Money’s signage of Australian EDM duo, Stafford Brothers. So, who exactly are Matt and Chris Stafford? Find out now in our one-on-two chat with the boys who know how to hit those 1’s and 2’s.

First, the official statement:
“The Stafford Brothers blew me away with their energy, superb production skills and strong remixes,” says Bryan “Birdman” Williams, who co-founded Cash Money Records alongside his brother, Ronald “Slim” Williams. “Their music may have a party vibe, but that didn’t fool Slim and I. With their ownership of nightclubs, their own reality television show, international tours and dedication to their craft, we knew the Stafford Brothers were serious and would fit right in with the hardworking YMCMB family.”

VIBE: How does hearing these words feel?
Matt and Chris Stafford: It’s massive. We’ve been living in America for eight months and to have them supporting us is like a dream come true. Having people like that pick you up is going to change everything for us. Things are about to blow up.

After the release of “Hello” with Lil Wayne and Christina Milan, are there plans for getting together with more Cash Money power rappers?
That’s our thing. Working with Cash Money is the chance to work with a lot of the artists.

What artists do you have on your collabo wish list?
We love Nicki Minaj and a lot of what she does. Drake’s on the list… and Parker.

With all these terms like “trap” and “EDM” floating around how would YOU categorize the Stafford Brothers sound?
Matt: Coming from Australia, there was a big rock background so for it was definitely house and dance music that propelled us. America may call it EDM, but we call it dance music. That’s what we started with.

Chris: I think our sound is very energetic like we are in the way we perform and the music that we make. It’s definitely for the dance floor. We are very electronically influenced, plus the rap genre with its hooks works so well and has become part of our music.

What are your New Year’s resolutions/plans?
Matt: We’re back in Australia till early June, and there we want to release more music, you know, get these records out with Cash Money and distributing them in America. We started out this year with a lot of amazing shows and touring the world, but it’s so new and exciting for us to going out in America and doing more there. Plus, I want to do more on these collabs, because that’s what it’s all about – getting the music out there. I want to get Birdman on the record!