V Exclusive! Pure Talks “Hazard Lights” Project and More


VIBE.com recently sat down with NJ crooner Pure for a closer look into his character. Riding high of his buzz single “Infatuated” featuring Pusha T, the singer opened up about how he exploded onto the scene this year and his upcoming project.

VIBE: First off, how did you get your start in music?

I got started with the song “Let Ya Body Talk”. The back-story behind it was I decided to work one club with this record and that was club Abyss in New Jersey. Everybody from the Tri-state area, whether they were radio DJs or just regular poppin’ street DJs, 9 times out of 10 were booked at this club. So rather than me focus on those guys, I focused on the openers, the opening DJs. There were only 3 opening DJs, so one out of the 7 days the new cats were opening for these guys. I got them the record and for about a month they were just playing it, opening the set for the bigger DJ. One particular day that really took it to the next level was when Funkmaster Flex was there, and the opening DJ dropped my song It was about 2000 people in there and when he dropped the record, they went crazy! Flex goes to the DJ like ‘Stop playing that!’ He played about 4 songs and then when Flex jumped in the first record he played was “Body Talk.” He played it like 4 times in a row and I’m standing right by him, but we never met. It was just crazy, the energy was through the roof and that was a Friday. And that following Monday Flex dropped it on the radio. Everything has taken off since.

What made you go the club route instead of the radio route to try and get your single played?

I don’t make a record saying ‘This song is radio, this song is that.’ I just make a record for what I’m feeling and what I think is hot, so I put the record out and I focused on my music itself. As I focused more, my new project “Hazard Lights” just started coming together. “Body Talk” and every record after was really just singles. Now its time for me to really put a project out and really feed the people a body of work and show the people what I can really do.

Describe your sound in your own words.

My sound I would say is energy, the moment, and life. I describe in my songs what I experience. So “Body Talk” for instance was a moment I had in the club. I was in the club, I saw a girl, and she was talking to me without saying anything so it spawned the record.

What do you feel is going to set you apart from other singers already in the game?

My approach, being also a producer, writer, basically behind every part of making the song gives me sort of an edge, because I’m hands on everything, I think that gives me a different angle and also being from a mixed background. I add different elements that I don’t think anyone else adds. I’m a risk taker, and I don’t abide by the rule of thumb. I’m Puerto Rican and Black, and they are two completely different sides of my family. One is heavy into church and and the other side is wild [laughs].

How did you come up with the name “Pure”?

Funny story, my government name is Pierre and I was doing one of my very first shows at an open mic competition at Kean University, where my cousin attended. When it was my time to rock, they announced my name as Pierre but when I got off the stage I heard some one saying ‘Pure, pure, pure.’ It was some girl with a heavy accent saying my name [laughs]. I just loved it from that day.

Tell me about this album you’re working on.

“Hazard Lights” is the new project and I’m super excited about it. We recently dropped the single “Infatuated” featuring Pusha T. I will say it embodies those moments you won’t forget. It’s about that party life and that party life don’t necessarily mean just “dance music” because there’s careful preparation to wild night out. Like you got to get dressed and nine times outta ten, you didn’t get dressed to the music you’re going to listen to in the club. After the club you come home maybe you’re mad or maybe you went out because you were mad, or you met somebody and you want to feel sexy after the club. This “Hazard Lights” project embodies that night that you’ll never forget.

Listen to Pure’s latest single below: