V Playlist: Game, Trinidad Jame$, Eve, Bilal, And More


VIBE’s Daily Additions to the ‘Pod

1. Game – “Blood Of Christ”
Game gets gully in this name-dropping diss track. From 50 Cent to Shyne, Game doesn’t hold back on those who he’s recently—and not so recently—crossed paths with. He even goes as far as bringing up Diddy & his involvement in Biggie’s murder. Granted, this has been argued time and time again, but it’s still considered a bold accusation. Prepare to hear some backlash coming.

2. Trinidad Jame$ – “That Turn Up”
Definitely not addictive as the overnight hit “All Gold Everything,” but Mike Will Made It’s production makes this a tolerable listen while intoxicated.

3. Eve – “Adorn (Remix)”
These “EVEstylin” joints are cool, but we think it’s time for Ms. Jeffers to release some orignal material. Lip Lock, or whatever it’s called now, has been long overdue & delayed. We miss you Eve!

4. Bilal – “Back To Love”
Bilal and his retro spin on contemporary music has yet to disappoint us. On “Back To Love,” he croons & hits his falsettos with great ease. If you like cool love songs, give this one a listen.

5. Mel – “F.A.G. (Fine A$$ Girls)”
Boasting both attitude and grit, this track is pretty much trap music for the overly confident girls you see in the club. They’ll enjoy this, so let them rock.