VIBE Premiere! Busdriver’s “Tiger’s Remorse” Exclusive Mix

A musical visionary, who’s silver-tongued rap verses would leave even the most skilled rhyme masters of our time at a lost for words, West Coast MC, Busdriver, born Regan Farquhar, takes a step back from the rap career he started at the age of nine, and looks to enter new genre territory.

On top the work he does with his experimental punk band, Physical Forms, and hip-hop duo Flash Bang Grenada, Farquhar sets his hands and skills on the world of dance music with his latest project, “Tiger’s Remorse” mix, featuring an array of artists and sounds that keep to the MC’s unique vision. VIBE’s got the exclusive premiere of the new mix below, along with the full sample listing. Check it:

“Tiger’s Remorse: Winter mix” by Busdriver
1. ????? – ?????
2. Mine – Muhsinah
3. The Art of Murder – Jonwayne
4. Venus – Air
5. Aphrodite – Flash Bang Grenada
6. Passion – Ab-Soul
7. ??? – Hudson Mohawke
9. Warning(Keep Bouncing) – Black Milk
10. Ready to Rock – Oddisee
12. Spots – Autolux
13. Poem of a Dead Song – Broadcast
14. Trip – Vacationer
15. Dream II – BJ the Chicago Kid
16. Don’t you Go – Myka 9
17. Glass Mountain Trust – Mark Ronson and the Business Intl feat. D’Angelo
18. Cat Fight – Jeremiah Jae
19. Banished – JJ Doom
20. The Black Brad Pitt (Deebs Remix) – Evil Nine feat. Danny Brown
21. Shake the Weight TNGHT version – Captain Murphy
22. @deathgripz – Death Grips
23. Mic Check 1-2 – Kano
25. Look at what the Cat – Dark Time Sunshine
26. Scattered Ashes (Soonymoon remix) – Busdriver
27. Scatterbrain – Muhsinah