Vixen Chat: ‘Basketball Wives LA’ Star Brooke Bailey Reveals Her Beauty Secrets


Love it or hate it, Basketball Wives LA is one of the biggest reality spin-offs on TV, and newcomer Brooke Bailey jumped into this second season with the drama and styling of a vet. Just a glance at Brooke’s social media reveals hundreds of questions, comments and even arguments amongst fans over her hair, smile, skin, body and beauty secrets.

I sat with Miss Bailey to expose a some of her beauty secrets and set the record straight on some of the most frequently asked questions by BBWLA fans. –Vanessa Veasley

VIBE Vixen: So let’s get the most intrusive questions out the way first. Is your hair real?
Brooke Bailey: Yes. My hair has always been naturally long. Currently it touches my back bra strap. On the show, my hairstylist has added pieces for my side ponytail or braided looks, but I keep it natural otherwise.

Do you use relaxers? Dyes?
No relaxers. My hairstylist, Darryl Wyatt, does a dark brown cellophane on my hair every few months or so.

And your voluptuous body? Is it all natural?
I have had a breast augmentation. That’s it. I was a D cup before my breast augmentation, and after I had my first 2 children, I decided to restore my breasts match my youthful body.

If a girl wants to grow her hair long, strong, and healthy like yours, what can she do?
I believe in natural healing and supplements. I try to drink at least a gallon of water a day, and I eat a balanced, home-cooked diet. I know that diet and lifestyle definitely effect not only the inside of your body but the outside as well.

Keeping as much heat out of your hair whenever possible is a big plus. Even a blow dryer is damaging. At least twice a month, I use products out of the kitchen to deep condition my hair. It’s just a simple mixture of one cup of room temperature mayonnaise, a half cup of olive oil and three egg yolks. Try it! You may have to play around with the measurements depending on the length and thickness of your hair of course.

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