Vixen Chat: Karen Civil Talks Social Media Beginnings, Business Savvy and Men


Karen Civil

Behind every rapper rocking a pair of Beats By Dre headphones stands a woman responsible for such viral product placement.

Karen Civil has been filling her own pockets since the days of boy band standemonium, tapping into her resources and rejecting all notions of “no.” The Los Angeles transplant turned a laptop into a money-making machine by building up the digital success of others, such as Dr. Dre and Lil Wayne, but most importantly, her own. As a result, her Live Civil brand has expanded beyond top-tier co-signs in the form of her own company, website, book deal and more.

Vixen shadowed the self-made empress as she prepped for her cameo at the 2012 Global Spin Awards in New York to be included in our two-part “Walk In Her Shoes” series hitting the web soon. For now, read how Civil earned her own bread at 11, weeds out the phony people that approach her and the type of men she fancies.