Vixen Chat: Ursula Stephen Discusses 2012’s Top Hair Moments


Celebrity hairstylist and Motions spokeswoman Ursula Stephen rattles off her top five best hair moments of 2012. From Rihanna’s new super short cut to Miley Cyrus’ shocking new style, Stephen lets us know what hair-raising moments made her list.

Also, the hair guru weighs in on which Motions products can help you achieve that trendy high bun and bang look. –Niki McGloster

VIBE Vixen: What are the top 5 hair moments from that celebs executed perfectly.
Ursula Stephen: Viola Davis when she went natural at the Oscars. I think it was amazing what she did and she’s looks 100% better with her natural hair. I just thought she looked amazing and she looked even younger too.

Definitely. I think it shocked a lot of people that she just went with a TWA.
Yeah, it was cute. Also, Miley Cyrus. I like when she did the cut. But on a personal level, just as someone from the outside looking in, I felt like it grew her up a little bit too fast. Even though the cut is a dope haircut, it’s not saying Miley Cyrus.

Think she jumped from young adult to super mature with that cut?
I don’t know if it’s her, but it looks so good. It’s hot—the cut, the color. Everything is amazing about it. She plays it off so well. Let’s see, who else? Alicia Keys.

Oh, when she did the big chop!
I call it “Finally.”

So you were waiting for that cut on her.
I was just waiting for her to do something that shows a growth in her. She’s a mom now and her music is really different. She needed that, and I think that was 100% good for her to do. For a long time, I think she was identified by that hair that she always wore, so I think that was dope that she let everyone know, ‘This is me.’

And it worked perfectly for her coming out with a new album and everything. Who else?
RiRi. I like the fact that Ri finally went back to her short look, thanks to me. [Laughs]

Of course! Was that mostly your decision or hers?