Vixen Chat: Ursula Stephen Discusses 2012’s Top Hair Moments


Rihanna Short Hair VMAs

VV: Of course! Was that mostly your decision or hers?
It was both of us actually. She was getting annoyed with the weave and I was tired of looking at it. She was just ready. When you take that plunge to a short haircut or any new look, the most important thing about it is that you feel it from the inside out. That’s when you showcase it so well because you’re not doing it just because it’s the trend. I said, ‘Let’s just cut it now.’ She was running around the house like, ‘Are you sure? Are you really, really sure?’ And we just did it. That was the VMA look.

That spur of the moment is always the best. Now for the last one…
Keke Palmer took the plunge and went blonde. That was nice. I thought that was cute of her. She was always known as this child star, really safe but still beautiful, but that whole change finally made you see “I’m not that Keke anymore.” I like that about her.

That was a super bold move. Ciara went blonde for a little while too.
I feel like Ciara killed it when she did that! It was fucking amazing. At one point it was so amazing like, Oh, my God.