Vixen Chat: Ursula Stephen Discusses 2012’s Top Hair Moments


Motions Hair products

VV: Now, let’s move onto the Motions products. Which product helps best achieve the bun and bang look, a la Beyoncé?
Oh, I love that! [Use] the Light Hold Working Spritz because it’s something you can put on after you put the bun up and it’s something to keep it in place. It’s not too stiff, but it’ll hold it for the whole day. And also the Shine Enhancing Pomade because you want it to be really slick.

Let’s go into the waves look because a lot of the women are trying to achieve a messy or beach wave style.
Usually I would style with the Light Hold Working Spritz, but maybe after I’m done with everything, I would finish off with the Hold & Shine Styling Spray. Spritz is something I would use to set the style.

Cool. Now for color, what would you say is best for that?
I think the Lavish Conditioning Shampoo and because it’s a moisturizing. You know, when you’re doing color, you want to keep it soft and supple. If you want to do a deep conditioner, the Deep Conditioning Masque would be a good treatment for it.

Since you style RiRi’s hair, for people who are going short, what daily products should they use?
That’s easy. You just really use the Foaming Wrap Lotion, then I would use the Spritz to curl and style it.

Any hairstyle predictions for 2013?
I think that short hair is still gonna be big. You’ll just see an evolution of it. Basically, everybody’s just trying to make it their own now. I think straight hair will come back too.

Super sleek?
Bone straight will definitely come back in. Not flat, but bone straight with volume. And people are still going to have fun with color, the ombre. People are still excited about it.

It kind of went away.
I think a lot of girls didn’t understand how they could get it right for the winter season.

And is there any hairstyle you just wish would die in 2012?
I hate to say it, so I’m not going to. [Laughs]