Vixen Inspiration: A Time of Reflection


Vixens, as the year draws to a close let this be a time of reflection in your lives. Think back over this year and break it down into categories: Successes, Failures and The In-Between. This is one of the most healthiest ways to process the events of life. After you’ve broken down those categories, I want you to do three things:

1. Celebrate the things that need to be celebrated, mourn those things that need to be mourned and work on those areas you need to improve.

2. Look yourself and say, “Regardless of what may have happened, I made it through victoriously. Praise God.”

3. Forgive yourself for any actions you may have performed that weren’t favorable.

As you do these things you will begin to feel energized for the new year and moving forward. Know that whatever resolutions you may have, they can be fulfilled right in this very moment.

Rock on, Vixens!

Pervis Taylor III, is a Life Coach Workshop Leader and Author of the book Pervis Principles Volume One.  For more information visit and follow on twitter: @pervistaylor