VSessions: Danielle Parente Performs Live


As part of our in office music series, Brooklyn based singer/songwriter, Danielle Parente set the office off the live way. She and her music partner created her unique sound of beats and strings right on the spot. Tapping out drum patterns, looping guitar strums, chopping up background vocals all at once, Danielle is the truth when it comes time to prove her skills.

A native of upstate New York, Danielle came to NYC to get the soul of the city and to research how engineering and sound production could fine tune her efforts. The Institute of Audio Research in Manhattan was her homebase for a time. With acts like Sade, Sia, Portishead, Lauryn Hill and many others as inspiration, you’ll be sure to hear their influence through Danielle.

Watch as she sings her heart out for the Vibe staff and find out more on her movement at www.danielleparente.com